About Me

What do I do? I help like-minded people like you to become Financially Free, through the help of Coaching and the most advanced Social Media Strategies, including Video Content and Video Marketing. My biggest passion is Instagram and how to use it for Business Growth. If your Instagram Business Page is not bringing you new leads and sales definitely I can hep you with that!

No matter if you are a Coach, a Content Creator, a Small Entrepreneur, a Freelancer, a Solopreneur or you just want to launch your own business. I have created several Programmes, Tailor made Sessions, Ebooks, Podcast Episodes and Video Courses to make sure that you will find the best way for you to achieve your business goals and to increase your profits.

Have you ever seen someone struggling to find out how to reach his goals?  

Have you ever seen another person achieving easily one goal after the other, living the life they want and desire? That’s what I help people to do.

By working with me, you’ll pick up the nuts and bolts to achieve some of your wildest goals. Then you get a process to reach any goal you want faster than you have ever thought possible.

What do you currently do to reach your goals? Is what you are doing working fast and easy, no delay, no pain, no struggle?

How are you taking advantage of the most advanced Social Media Strategies to achieve your goals faster than ever?

Does the quality of your content make you stand out from the crowd? Is it improving your brand awareness? Is it generating more leads, more sales and more profits?

My mission is to help people like you to become Financially Free. The easiest way to become Financially Free is to build your own successful business based entirely on your core desires, your passion and what you really love. Financial Freedom also means to have more money than ever and more free time than you can even imagine for yourself and those you care about.

Imagine how your life would be different if you were able to work from anywhere you like whenever you prefer. This is now possible with my strategies and techniques.

Would you like to wake up every single day from now on super excited and happy to go  to work on something that you love? Would you like to have a huge number of clients that are glad and happy to pay you for your services or products?

Are your ready to set your own terms and conditions for your new successful life?

Let me help you to turn some of your wildest dreams into reality.

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Business & Life Coaching

Business coaching sessions via Facetime, Zoom or Skype which defines strategies, plans and action to achieve corporate goals. Includes use of metrics to measure your growth and progress.



What does Coaching do for You?

"The line which separates the 'believable' from the 'unbelievable' is obsolete when your mindset knows no boundaries."

With Gabriele Lucconi Coaching and Mentorship, expect the unthinkable. Instilling a high performance mindset has the power to bring about a transformation through the realisation of your own talents and ultimately unleashing your full potential. Get ready to begin your success story.